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SEO Company in Kolkata

Being a trusted SEO company in Kolkata (Since 2012), we offer result-oriented professional SEO services to ensure the top positions for your business website, online e-commerce stores and portals

We use proven as well as innovative Search Engine Optimization techniques to generate better business opportunities by driving more leads and sales.

So, if your business is suffering from declining sales, speak to us now. We have helped hundreds of ebullient startups, experienced enterprises and even local institutions achieve higher positions in the search engine results.

With many years of experience and a large active base of SEO clients, we are dedicated to achieving a result-intensive outcome for you. We deal with businesses of all the spectrum from larger enterprises to start-ups and have a solution for everyone.

Why is CENITPRO Listed As the Best SEO Company in Kolkata?

  • Affordable SEO plan
  • 100% white hat SEO service
  • Team of efficient and highly experienced SEO experts
  • We are capable of providing you with result-driven SEO outcomes
  • We adopt the best Search Engine Optimization marketing strategies and keep them updated as per industry trends

Increase Organic Search Visibility with Our SEO Services in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the hardest places to do online business in India. This is precisely why it is essential to hire a competent SEO company in Kolkata. Only a proficient SEO agency will help you find the best strategy suitable for your online growth.

We are committed to working closely with our clients to offer comprehensive SEO services in Kolkata that reflect the core values as the CENITPRO family.

Regardless of the budget, our SEO company in Kolkata ensures to serve you with the best possible ways. We have a reputation for thinking outside the box and approaching challenges with creative SEO strategies to help your business needs.

SEO Services in Kolkata - CENITPRO

Local SEO Services

Local Search Engine Optimization is primarily based on providing search results that are relevant to a searcher’s query based on their current prevalent location. We help promote business locally by acknowledging the attention of all the local search queries. Read More

National SEO Services

Building up a national nearness requires some serious efforts, and we at CENITPRO make sure to promote businesses nationwide by producing proven and well crafted SEO strategy and recommendations. Read More

E-commerce SEO Services

Selling through online stores is no more biased and limited to any specific product. Our e-commerce Search Engine Optimization services will benefit your online business significantly by improving visibility and encouraging your online brand presence. Read More

Mobile SEO Services

The establishment of smartphone industry in the last few years has shifted the selling prospect according to devices. Our mobile SEO services will keep you track and promote businesses through your mobile attribution market. Read More

Google My Business Optimization

Your physical presence is no longer important if your customers cannot find you in Google map. We help your business become visible and on the top when people search for you or the products you sell using Google map and navigation. Read More

App Store Optimization

The increasing use of internet based apps (mainly applications and games) has created demand for ASO or app store SEO. Our SEO services leverage the visibility and maximizes traffic for your in-store application to improve conversion and business.

Get Assured Results with Our SEO Services in Kolkata

  • Dramatic Boost in Sales: Get a high ROI with our proven SEO services in Kolkata that are directed to improve your web traffic. Let more people know that you are a brand and get recognized in your field.
  • Increase in Conversion Rates: We optimize your website to convert your web traffics into genuine leads and sales. Getting quality traffic to your website is meaningless if it does not boost sales.
  • Steady Flow of Business: Our goal is not to get you a sudden spike in traffic to watch it drop. Our SEO Company in Kolkata aims to provide you with a steady traffic flow for over a prolonged period.
  • Targeted Scope of Business: You can opt for local SEO services in Kolkata and start crushing your local competition, or you can choose to start ranking for a much broader geographic location. The scope of the business is entirely up to your company’s goals.
  • Measurable Growth: We have a realistic approach to building businesses. We realize that as business owners, you want to see the results of our efforts. No need to worry; we will provide detailed reports for your growth.

Most noteworthy, start reaping the benefits of SEO services in Kolkata today and grow your business to at least three times its size.

Consequently at CENITPRO, we are well-versed in being able to harness this potential. Make haste in choosing the leading SEO company in Kolkata and skyrocket your sales today.

We Offer Guaranteed Leads and Conversion

Being the leading SEO company in Kolkata, we lead by examples. We never missed the place from the top of Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing for some highly competitive keywords. The best part is that we are consistently doing such for more than seven years now. Our services span into every aspect of digital marketing, including Pay Per Click Management (PPC), Email Marketing ServiceContent Marketing Service etc.

Choose the Best SEO Company in Kolkata for a Consistent Growth

We understand SEO is not a single time wonder. Even, it is not a magic stick to offer you result with moments. As a reputed SEO company in Kolkata, we strategize the goal considering all the SEO parameters to provide a systematic growth to your business.

Our SEO services in Kolkata follow the same role to fulfil your business requirements. At CENITPRO, you are assured of getting –

  • High-Quality Deliverables: We manage to deliver the best quality SEO services in Kolkata to all our clients equally. Unlike any other SEO company in Kolkata, we do not lower the standards of our services to accommodate a lower budget.
  • Dominant Performance: At CENITPRO, we deliver results that last over a more extended period. We never quit on our clients; and no matter how competitive the niche is, we know how to get you rank higher on search results.
  • Diverse Portfolio: We have clients across a hundred different verticals in Kolkata alone. We offer our cumulative experience in getting businesses established quickly and effectively. No matter the kind of business you have, we know that we can optimize your online presence in no time.
  • Flexible SEO Solutions: Being a trusted SEO company in Kolkata, we believe that SEO is more than a service element. It is an investment. To this end, we provide customer-based solutions for your SEO needs.
  • Certified SEO Experts: We have dedicated teams for each SEO projects. Our team of certified SEO service providers in Kolkata have expertise in this field. They are Certified Google Partners and credited HubSpot Academy Experts.
  • Time-Tested SEO Tactics: Experimenting with SEO can lead to some shocking results in search engine rankings. Some of these are golden innovations that become the next big things in SEO. Most of the time, they are quite disastrous. Our time-tested SEO services in Kolkata have never failed to date.
Here is the Exact Eight-step SEO Process that We Use for Our Clients –
  • Competitor Analysis: To get your business to higher rankings, we need to scope out the companies that we need to beat. We have a knack for selecting the right SEO strategies to knock out your competition based on our analysis.
  • SEO Profile Audit: We have had different kinds of SEO requests in Kolkata. Some businesses have had some SEO efforts applied, whereas others are a clean slate. Our profile audit reveals everything that is already wrong with your online presence.
  • Strategic Brainstorming: We put together strategies that work based on our market survey and SEO audits. We prepare a detailed plan starting from on-page and technical SEO to gathering quality backlinks through legitimate off-page SEO.
  • Keyword Research: Keywords tell us precisely what we need to get done regarding content, on-page, and off-page SEO. Keyword Research is the final phase of our strategy-making. Once the keyword research is done, we know how to take on the most competitive niches with ease.
  • Content Creation: Content serves many purposes for all kinds of SEO activities. Based on our initial strategy, we set up all the required content. We have a dedicated content team that has specialists in various types of content creation. So, neither quality nor quantity is an issue.
  • On-Page SEO: We start our On-Page SEO activities the moment our Keyword Research is done. But once we have the content lined up, we can start pushing the one-page efforts for better rankings. During this phase, our on-page and technical teams work closely for maximum benefits.
  • Technical SEO: Sitemaps, robots, link cleanup, schema, analytics, and canonical links – these are all under the purview of technical. With the help of systematic on-page efforts and professional SEO services in Kolkata, we streamline the entire project in that exact manner.
  • Off-Page SEO: Our off-page activities come last of all, but it is one of the essential parts of our SEO services in Kolkata. We build quality backlinks from high-authority domains quickly and effectively. Watch your organic rankings skyrocket without fail.

So, choose us and get the benefits of a professional SEO company in Kolkata and watch your sales grow like never before. We are more focused on generating and converting leads for your business.

Work Ethics of Our SEO Company in Kolkata

As the most trusted SEO company in Kolkata, we don’t like talking about our achievements because our clients come to realize our dedication, professionalism, and business ethics very quickly. We only offer 100% white hat SEO services in Kolkata. With us, you are ensured of getting high-quality deliverables. We do not make –

  • False Promises: SEO is a long-term investment, and we want all our clients to understand that right from the beginning.
  • Advertise and Disappoint: We prefer to offer a realistic timeframe so that our clients know what to expect.
  • Stopgap Solutions: Each business is unique in its SEO requirements, and it makes no sense to put forward a stopgap solution based on some other company that may not even be in your niche.
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We, the leading SEO company in Kolkata, offer our clients with the best SEO services in Kolkata and digital marketing. The demand for SEO is increasing day by day and beating your competitors – you need an appropriate SEO partner that meets the need of your business.

Contact us now and increase your business growth in the arena of Search Engine Optimization.

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