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Kolkata is one of the hardest places to do business in India. While the cost of goods is lower in Kolkata than most other states, it is also quite difficult to find viable clients. This is precisely why it is essential to hire a competent SEO company in Kolkata.

For the past six years, our professional SEOs at CENITPRO have been among the most reputed in Kolkata. Get professional help in targeting a broad audience over a specific geographical location. Whether you are selling services or goods, our SEO techniques can guarantee:

  • Dramatic Boost in Sales : Get a high ROI from organic SEO efforts that are directed to improve web traffic. Let more people know that you are a brand to be recognized in your field.
  • Increase in Conversion Rates : We optimize to get your web traffic to convert into actual sales. Having people come over to your website is meaningless if it does not convert.
  • A steady flow of Clients : Our goal is not to get you a sudden spike in traffic to watch it drop. We aim to provide a steady flow of clients over a prolonged period.
  • Targeted Scope of Business : You can opt for Local SEO and start crushing your local competition, or you can choose to start ranking for a much broader geographic location. The scope of the business is entirely up to your company’s goals.
  • Measurable Growth : We have a realistic approach towards building businesses. We realize that as business owners, you want to see the results of our efforts. No need to worry, we will provide detailed reports for your growth.

Start reaping the benefits of organic SEO today and grow your business in Kolkata to at least three times its size. The potential of SEO is, and at CENITPRO, we are well-versed in being able to harness this potential. Choose our SEO Company in Kolkata and skyrocket your sales today.

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Need High-Return SEO Services in Kolkata that Guarantee Leads and Rankings? Choose Us!

At CENITPRO, we lead by example, and we have been ranking at the top of Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing for highly competitive keywords. The best part is that we have consistently been doing so for over three years now.

Our clients tell us that we the best SEO Company in Kolkata and here are the reasons why:

  • High-Quality Deliverables : We manage to deliver the best quality SEO services to all our clients equally. Unlike other SEO Companies in Kolkata, we do not lower the quality of our services to accommodate a lower budget.
  • Dominant Performance : At CENITPRO, we deliver results that last over a long period. We never quit on our clients and no matter competitive the niche, we know how to get your rankings higher on SERPs.
  • Diverse Portfolio : We have clients across a hundred different verticals in Kolkata alone. We offer our cumulative experience in getting businesses established quickly and effectively. No matter the kind of company you have in Kolkata, we know that we can optimize it.
  • Flexible SEO Solutions : At CENITPRO, we realize that SEO is more than a service availed. It is an investment. To this end, we provide customer-based solutions for SEO. We take not just your needs, but you end consumer’s needs into perspective as well.
  • A team of Certified SEO Experts : We offer dedicated teams for each SEO project we receive in Kolkata. Our teams of Certified SEO Experts have a lot of professional experience and expertise. We are Certified Google Partners and credited Hubspot Academy experts.
  • Time-Tested SEO Tactics : Experimenting with SEO can lead to some shocking results in Search Engine rankings. Some of these are golden innovations that become the next big thing in SEO. Most of the time they are quite disastrous. Our time-tested SEO tactics have never failed to date.

Get Quality Lead Generation with Cutting-Edge Methodologies at Our SEO Company Kolkata

Going through the motions with SEO is not enough. As a reputed SEO Company in Kolkata, CENITPRO has always been renowned for the strategies that we put together. Part of the procedure is competitor analysis and knowing what your real competition is. The other part is executing our plans to perfection on a deadline.

One of our most well-kept secrets is our methodology. In some cases, the order can be shuffled flexible, and in other cases, our process is absolute. We decide what to do based on your business requirements. Here is the exact eight-step process that we use for our SEO clients in Kolkata :

  • Competition Analysis : To get your business to higher rankings, we need to scope out the companies that we need to beat. We have a knack for selecting the right strategies to knock out your competition based on our analysis.
  • SEO Profile Audit : We have had different kinds of SEO requests in Kolkata. Some businesses have had some SEO efforts applied whereas others are a clean slate. Our profile audit reveals everything that is already wrong with your online presence.
  • Strategic Brainstorming : We put together strategies that work based on our market survey and SEO audits. We lay out a detailed plan starting from on-page and technical SEO to gathering quality backlinks through legitimate off-page SEO.
  • Keyword Research : Keywords tell us precisely what we need to get done regarding content, on-page, and off-page SEO. Keyword Research is the final phase of our strategy-making. Once the keyword research is done, we know how to take on the most competitive niches with ease.
  • Content Creation : Content serves many purposes for all kinds of SEO activities. Based on our initial strategy, we set up all the required content. We have a dedicated content team that has specialists in various types of content creation. So, neither quality nor quantity is an issue.
  • On-Page SEO : We start our On-Page SEO activities the moment our Keyword Research is done. But once we have the content lined up, we can start pushing the one-page efforts for better rankings. During this phase, our on-page and technical teams work closely for maximum benefits.
  • Technical SEO : Sitemaps, robots, link cleanup, schema, analytics, and canonical links – these are all under the purview of technical SEO. With the help of systematic on-page efforts, professional SEO becomes much, and we streamline the entire project in that exact manner.
  • Off-Page SEO : Our off-page activities come last of all, but is one of the most important parts of SEO. We build quality backlinks from high-authority domains quickly and effectively. Watch your organic rankings skyrocket without fail.
  • Powerful Tools: We use cutting-edge software for our SEO activities. Over the years, at CENITPRO, we have gone through a variety of great tools, and we use them all for specialized tasks. We make sure to use only premium tools that others have reviewed and vouched to reap the most benefit.

Like any continuous process, we keep repeating the same cycle for as long as you need us to. The beautiful part is we offer significant returns on your investment without any contracts at all. You have zero obligations to continue with CENITPRO, although we would appreciate it if you stayed.

Reap the benefits of a professional SEO Company in Kolkata and watch your sales grow like clockwork. We are more focused on generating and converting leads than some useless branding exercises. Get practical SEO help from seasoned veterans in the SEO industry and open up new channels of sales and marketing.

What you can expect from Our Professional SEO Services in Kolkata

We hate telling you about what we are exceptional at because our clients come realize our dedication, professionalism, and business ethic very quickly. At our SEO Company in Kolkata, there are a few things that we never do:

  • Make false promises: about serious growth in your business within a very short span of time. SEO is a long-term investment, and we want all our clients to understand that right from the very beginning.
  • Advertise and Disappoint: About the timeline of the SEO project. We prefer to offer a realistic timeframe so that our clients know what to expect.
  • Offer Stopgap Solutions: By giving our clients in Kolkata a generic ‘fit-for-all’ quote. Each business is unique in its SEO requirements, and it makes no sense to put forward a quote based on some other company that may not even be in your niche.
  • Promise a Bunch of Low-Quality Backlinks: That violate Google Guidelines because of Black-Hat SEO techniques. We build strong backlinks through hard work and manual activities. Our content marketing and off-page SEO teams will guarantee a healthy link profile that improves your SEO instead of getting your website banned.

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  • Be sure and check out our SEO Success Stories in Kolkata.
  • Go through our client reviews and testimonials.
  • Take a look at our Kolkata SEO Case Studies.
  • Call us to book a free SEO consultation session.

We are the national leader in the arena of digital marketing and serve our customers with the best SEO services. The demand for SEO is increasing day by day and to beat your competitors you need customized SEO services that meet the needs of your business. Take the SEO services from the leading SEO Company in Kolkata, we can assist you through our free consultation services. Contact now and watch your skyrocket increase in the arena of digital marketing.

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