MAAC Girish Park Case Study

Acquired 4606.70% Growth in User Till Date

Total Website Traffic: 1.36L

Total Page View: 3.2L

Google First Page Keywords: With 60 Keywords

Google Local Listings: With 65 Search Strings

Account Overview

Website URL:

Business Category: MAAC Girish Park is an animation and multimedia training institute in Kolkata, launched their website on 29-08-2011.

Challenges: The approach of the business was very new as the services they provide then were beyond time. Multimedia was an alien approach then.

When MAAC Girish Park first approached us in 2016, they were facing a well set of challenges which involved majorly

  • A dearth of quality leads and enquiries
  • Lack of website visitors
  • Poor SERP positions
  • No local visibility

After an in-depth analysis of their problems and requirements, we came up with solutions that helped boost quality across multiple fronts. The ultimate result? Soaring leads and an improved ranking.

We helped Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics or MAAC Girish Park dominate the first page of Google with search results showing up on the first page for the relevant search terms. In addition, the company also witnessed:

  • A massive growth in their total website traffic.
  • A huge influx of enquiries from potential customers, making them one of the most sought-after animation and multimedia training institute in Kolkata..
  • A boost in audience interaction and engagement because of a fresh and beautiful website design.

How We Helped MAAC Girish Park

Our organic approach towards digital marketing has proven to be quite helpful for MAAC Girish Park’s online branding. Not only did our organic SEO efforts improve their ranking but also, placed their website on Google’s first page, for a total of 60 keywords. Quite a number, right?

Results that Speak for Itself

Held back by the site’s previous undoing and Google’s approach to the domain, it took several months for MAAC Girish Park to bear witness to its first buds.

But when it flowered, it flourished. Unleashed from Google’s probationary period, MAAC Girish Park saw its keyword rankings sprout, 125 (60 organic pack result and 65 Google Local Listings) total keywords it ranked for.

In combination with our initial keyword research, our comprehensive site audit ensured that MAAC Girish Park captured our target keywords in its SEO content optimizations. As a result, the site’s most valuable target keywords saw a net aggregate increase of 5,770 positions on Google search results.

  • MAAC Girish Park’s website is now positioned within the top 10 search results for 60 keywords and top 30 search results for 167 search terms.
  • Their website now has a good visibility of 25%. That roughly translates into the site being visible within the top results for 25% of targeted search terms from their business niche.
  • The number of organic website visitors is now over 1L in number! This has led to a boost in organic lead generation, facilitating the overall growth of the company.

CENITPRO Has Been Driving More Visitors for MAAC Girish Park Via Local Listings

We have been helping MAAC Girish Park with Local Pack Listings and Google My Business optimization too. And the biggest advantage of these services was a broadened awareness about their physical address.

Currently the Google My Business Optimization generates approximately 9k views and 114 actions (phones calls, direction request, website visit) every month.


Consistent Success with Us

A comparison of the website’s earlier performance with the current status (after the association with CENITPRO) gives further insights into how we have been helping them grow through multiple channels.

The below-mentioned data states the website’s performance after the association with CENITPRO i.e. from Feb 01, 2016.

  • There has been an overall growth of over 4606.70% in website traffic.
  • The number of page views has witnessed a huge spike of over 6337%.

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