Kapricorn Prints Case Study

A Growth of 2405.71% in Only Six Months

Total Website Traffic: 5262

Total Page View: 13766

Google First Page Keywords: Total 99 Keywords

Google Local Listings: With 26 Search Strings

Account Overview

Website URL: https://www.kapricornprints.com/


Kapricorn Prints is a leading company in the digital printing domain, founded earlier in 2015, based in Bangalore. They have other branches located in areas like Jayanagar, Bannerghatta, and Sudham Nagar. They provide quality and service to their customers who have a general need for printing- from corporate printing to commercial purposes.

Prior to implementing SEO practices using the services of CENITPRO, they were facing challenges regarding online visibility and quality lead generation- they did not have an allocated marketing budget and were seeking a greater understanding of SEO practices.

Kapricorn Prints has paired up with CENITPRO to build a professional website, and all the SEO strategies were at the forefront of the entire process.

Key Challenges Faced by Kapricorn Prints

The business approach was considerably new, as the services they provide are primarily urban and have some limitations.When Kapricorn Prints first approached us in 2020, they were facing a well set of challenges that involved majorly

  • Inconsistency in quality lead generation and inquiries
  • 0 website visitors
  • Indigent SERP positions
  • Issues in local visibility

After a series of research and analysis of their problems and requirements, we came up with solutions that helped boost visibility across multiple fronts. The ultimate result? Gliding leads and an increased ranking.

We assisted Kapricorn Prints to dominate the first page of Google with search results showing up on the first page for the relevant search terms. In addition to these, the company also witnessed:

  • Massive growth in their total website traffic.
  • A huge influx of inquiries from potential customers, making them one of the most sought-after digital printing companies/digital printers (t-shirt printing company) in Bangalore.
  • A boost in audience interaction and engagement because of a fresh and beautiful website design.

CENITPRO’s Strategic Approach towards Problems

Our organic approach towards digital marketing has proven to be quite helpful for Kapricorn Print’s online branding. We performed and monitored all the aspects to fulfill the requirements of the site’s performance in search engines.

Mainly we put our efforts into the following activities to improve the SEO outcomes.

  • Deep Competitors Analysis
  • Customized SEO Profile Audits
  • Brainstorming Strategies for Link Building Authority
  • In-Depth Keyword Analytics
  • SEO Content Curation
  • On-Page SEO Activities (Meta title, descriptions, Htags, alt attributes, A/B testing to boost page rank)
  • Technical SEO Management (Sitemaps, bots, link cleanups, etc.)
  • Off-page SEO (conventional as well as advanced link building practices)

Not only did our organic SEO efforts improve their ranking but also, placed their website on Google’s first page, for a total of 99 keywords. Quite a number, right?

Results that Speak for Themselves

Held back by the site’s previous undoing and Google’s approach to the domain, it took several months for Kapricorn Prints to bear witness to its first buds. But when it flowered, it flourished. In combination with our initial keyword research, our comprehensive site audit ensured that Kapricorn Prints captured our target keywords in its SEO content optimizations.

As a result, the site’s most valuable target keywords saw a net aggregate increase unleashed from Google’s probationary period, Kapricorn Prints saw its keyword rankings sprout, 125 (99 organic pack result and 26 Google Local Listings) total keywords it ranked for.

  • Kapricorn Print’s website is now positioned within the top 10 search results for 99 keywords and top 30 search results for 108 search terms.
  • Their website now has a good average position (1.8) for all the targeted search terms from their business niche.
  • The number of monthly organic website visitors is now around 5k which has led to a boost in organic lead generation, facilitating the overall growth of the company.

CENITPRO Has Been Driving More Visitors for Kapricorn Prints via Local Listings

We have been helping Kapricorn Prints with Local Pack Listings and Google My Business optimization too. And the biggest advantage of these services was a broadened awareness about their physical address.

Currently, Google My Business Optimization generates approximately 35k views and 896 actions (332 phone calls, 390 direction requests, 169 website visits, and 5 messages) every month.


Key Takeaways from CENITPRO’s SEO Checklist

A comparison of the website’s earlier performance with the current status (in the last six months after the association with CENITPRO) gives further insights into how we have been helping them grow through multiple channels.

The below-mentioned data states the website’s performance after the association with CENITPRO i.e. from Sept 01, 2020.

  • There has been an overall growth of over 2405.71% in website traffic.
  • The number of page views has witnessed a huge spike of over 1262.96%.

The Outline of Our Recommendations Looks Like This-

  • When it comes to SEO, starting with conventional strategies is the best practice even when the growth seems a bit slow, the advancement can be introduced in the next steps.
  • The keyword is the center of all SEO practices- but link building is the ultimate strategy to winning the algorithms.
  • Content creation must be intentional, otherwise, SEO gets mold.
  • Gradually leveling up for the higher volume of opportunities is the key.
  • Passive link acquisition is very important in getting traction.

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