Why We are the Best PPC Company in Kolkata?

Google Partner Company | 8+ Years of Excellence | Team of Industry Experts | Best ROIs

Wondering why we are the top PPC company in Kolkata?

  • Complete PPC Campaign overhauling
  • Google Partner Company
  • Google AdWords Certified Agency
  • Faster and measurable results
  • Cost-effective conversions
  • Best Return on Investments
  • Time tested flawless and foolproof strategies
  • Teamwork from industry professionals with decades of experience

It is a challenge to find PPC companies near me while living in Kolkata. If you want to make it big in this metropolitan city you should go for the only best PPC company in Kolkata.

If you are wondering whether to go for a PPC management company or not, here are your reasons to think it through:

  • Our PPC services in Kolkata are all about strategy and personalization. It does not matter how big your business is, or what niche you work within, we design PPC plans for everyone.
  • With an impressive track record of running attractive ads, make the most from your money invested in paid campaigns.

Only PPC Services in Kolkata that Guarantee Positive Results!

With our powerful and affordable package ranges, PPC management and traffic boost become very easy.

Our professional team will deliver results within the shortest time possible:

  • Get maximum returns from click spends with our innovative strategies
  • Get more monthly leads and increase sales within weeks!

From search Ads to remarketing and display Ads we cover pretty much everything within your PPC campaign.

As a premium PPC service provider our multidimensional PPC services include:

Being a Google Partner gives us the privilege of being a premier PPC company in Kolkata. We believe in a completely goal centric approach when it comes to targeting the audience and fueling your conversion rates!

Premier PPC Company in Kolkata: What Services Do we Cover?

Living in Kolkata, when you are searching for  “PPC agency near me” no other PPC company can beat CENITPRO’s reputation in the field.

Let us know what kind of PPC services you want and we will provide that for you. Whether it is keyword discovery or PPC Copywriting, conversion tracking or monthly performance reporting- PPC campaigns are a long, hard process and we will follow-up with detailed analytical & observational reports.

Our PPC services in Kolkata are specialized in various aspects:

  • Suitable Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • PPC Cost Management
  • Call Tracking
  • Regular Campaign Modification & optimization
  • Designing & Optimization of Landing Pages
  • Tracking Sales and Conversions
  • PPC Monitoring and Reporting

You can always refer to our Client Testimonials to get an idea about how much effort we put into our client’s requirements.

Google Ad campaigns formulated by a premium PPC company in Kolkata will definitely help you reach your business goals with great pace.

No. 1 Customer-friendly PPC Management Company: What We Do Differently?

Do you want to get more leads but your current marketing strategies are failing to provide you with results?
Are you market ready to launch your next pay per click call campaign?
We bet you will find no better digital marketing agency than CENITPRO!
We are a leading PPC company in Kolkata and we will make your way through maximum ROI within your budget.

But what makes us different from all other ordinary PPC management company in Kolkata?

  • Faster Results: If running a PPC campaign cannot give you fast results we do not know what can. Our PPC management drives faster results over all other digital marketing strategies. It will also be helpful in growing powerful branding with quality leads and successful conversion rates.
  • ROI that you will adore: With CENITPRO’s multistage PPC strategies your click-through rates will see new highs. Our process waives out any chances of over expense and delivers results for what exactly you have paid for.
  • Flexible Contracts: We do not believe in having fast rules when dealing with our clients. CENITPRO gives priority in building long-term relationships. You can get short-term contracts as well if you do not like to work with us further.
  • Monthly Reports: With us, clients always have their detailed monthly reports ready. It gives them a solid idea about how their campaign is performing or how easy your leads are converting or how traffic is your business generating. We track every stage of growth and check every consistent detail of the running campaign.

Want to know why our clients love us? Check out our case studies to get an idea of the work we do!

 Why are our PPC campaigns so successful?

  • Competitor Analysis: This is what our professional team dedicates themselves to. After consultations we analyze all your industry competitors to get a better-planned strategy to leave them behind. This very process requires time and effort and continuous follow-ups.
  • A dedicated audience base: What we as the best PPC company in Kolkata do differently is building a loyal audience base for you over time. Targeted and suitable ROI friendly keywords, focusing on a target niche, driving killer traffic on your website – we will do anything and everything to facilitate your PPC campaigns.
  • Foolproof services: As we have said earlier, we work with a time tested process and our strategies are very effective you can see. There are so many agencies that have achieved their business goal with our PPC services. Ace your marketing funnel by churning out the crowd.
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Your Search for PPC Agency near Me Ends Right Here!

What do you look for when searching for the best PPC company in Kolkata?

Advanced strategies? Niche targeting? Or Calibrating PPC campaigns for the maximum ROI?

Anything you wish and we deliver!

We strive towards only one goal: Conversion.

From setting up websites to optimization our services cover every little thing.

What is so special about our PPC services in Kolkata?

  • We focus on gaining traction while working with major PPC networks for search marketing.
  • We have proven customized online advertising strategy to support fresh traffic.
  • Our trusted PPC services in Kolkata are all for keyword-targeted ads and monitoring ads performance for campaign enhancements.
  • We offer a flawless market expansion of your business with emerging technologies and trends and do not forget we are a Google Partner Company so we have all kinds of tools and added measures at our disposal.
Some Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s) for PPC Services Company
  • What is Pay-Per-Click advertising?

Ans: A comprehensive online advertising model which helps in driving traffic for websites. In this case, advertisers pay publishers (PPC networks like Google) when someone clicks on the ad.

  • What is the cost of PPC?

Ans: If we can talk about averages, businesses pay an average of 20/- to 30/- for every click to advertise on Google networks. If we consider the monthly budget an average small and medium-sized business has to spend from 15000/- to 30000/- for PPC campaigns.

  • Is Google Ads actually effective for my business?

Ans: Google Ads and PPC ads can drive positive results even for small businesses if and only if they leverage these Ads rightfully. In case of conversions, results for Google Ads can be very quick and satisfying. An interactive landing page, right keywords and strong business proposition can help grow your business very quickly through PPC campaigns.

  • Why hire Google partner agency over a certified individual?

Ans: Choosing a Google Partner means authority and credibility. Especially when AdWords is in the centre of the paid search marketing universe. Google Partner companies are quality service providers, offering a competitive advantage to their clients. Your PPC company in Kolkata should have proper training and Google certification to get your projects onboard.


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