Our Successful Google Ad Campaigns for MAAC Girish Park.

The client benefited hugely from our Paid Ad services as well, as shown in the real time data snippet from the Google Ads panel.

  • There were a huge number of leads that came in from the Ads, reaching almost one thousand in just over one year, which is non-inclusive of enquiries via phone calls.
  • There was another 265 enquiries from the target audience via phone calls as a result of our Google Ads efforts.
  • Our Custom designed landing pages also got over 35,000 visits through Ad Clicks in this duration, thereby increasing the overall brand presence and awareness of the client’s business in the industry.

Last but not the least we also ran a Youtube video campaign for the client for a short duration of a couple of weeks, in which time we managed to amass a total views of over 800 for that particular video, which in turn resulted in more leads and enquiries for the client.


Our Successful Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns for MAAC Girish Park.

Our efforts on social media have also been immensely successful to say the least. A detailed analysis of all the KPI’s achieved in a matter of just over one year is discussed below:

  • The total reach for the paid ads have almost touched 5 lakh, or 8 lakh to be precise. This has led to a massive spike in the social media presence and branding of the client’s services.
  • As can be seen in the featured image, the leads that were captured on Facebook through our lead magnate campaigns, stand at over three and a half thousand with an additional 111 leads captured through website redirects from our ads.
  • It Is needless to say that our ad campaigns have been highly engaging and tailored for our target audience, which can be further illustrated form the figures stated under the “Post Engagements” attracted by our ads, which stand at well over 50,000.
  • To round things off, all our above mentioned KPI’s have seen a massive rise in the overall performance percentages, as can be seen in the featured image.
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