Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing

Don’t Let Your Prospective Customers Walk Away or Forget You. Use Google Remarketing Services to Save Your Day!

It has been revealed that only 5-7% of the visitors convert to become potential buyers. Google remarketing is a great technique to recover 95% of the leads, you assumed you lost forever!

If you are looking for ways to capitalise on the bounced visitors in your webpage traffic, go for Google remarketing and effectively retarget the lost prospects. Google remarketing is a robust internet marketing tool that enables you to stay connected with your target audience even after they leave your site. By showcasing your ads to visitors even as they browse the different parts of the web, you are successfully gaining brand recognition and becoming more popular among the target viewers.After all, it has been found that retargeted customers are 4 times more likely to convert as compared to fresh visitors. We at CENITPRO, will provide you with the best of the services to focus on the repeat visitors by undertaking our customized PPC ad campaign.

Remarketing can help to boost up the ad response up to the awesome value of 400%

Remarketing helps to make your SEO 7x more AWSOME!

What’s included in CENITPRO Professional PPC Services?

  • It increases repeat customers by 50%
  • Augments conversion rate by 51%
  • Increase on site time by a stupendous 300%

While a lot of SEO consultation agencies focus upon attracting maximum web traffic, we at CENITPRO, pay heed to one more major analysis parameter – the bounce rate. At the end of the day it does not matter how many visitors you attract to your webpage, it is the bounce rate that determines the success of your page. Off course, the last thing you would want is people bouncing off your webpage without taking any profitable action.

Even if you have bounced visitors, we have the perfect strategy to bring them back with a more positive mind-set. Our adept team focuses on changing the minds of those indecisive customers who once populated your web cart but did not complete the buying process. Our highly personilsed PPC ad campaigns target the previously visited users, thereby increasing your brand visibility and augmenting the brand outreach.

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Retarget with Google

By targeting the users that have an inclination towards your webpage, our remarketing services have proved to be highly beneficial for a variety of clients. We help you to zero down to the ultimate target demographics that matches exactly with your prospective customer base. So go for our services and bring back your lost customers with a more positive intent.

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