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Email Marketing

We at CENITPRO believe that email marketing is the right arrow to hit the jackpot. There is no alternative to customized and personalized email marketing when it comes to direct selling. Our custom email design service is a strategic solution to help you drive more clicks and generate revenue. We specialize in designing different custom email templates for different niches and different purposes. Be it business invitation, seasonal offer, new product launch, we creatively design email templates to serve both business and non-business purposes.

Strategic take on marketing & communication

Our custom template email design service adds to the potential of email marketing campaigns. We design and customize email templates according to the particulars of your email campaign. We infuse the brand value of your business to template designs so that marketing campaigns are in sync with your business philosophy and service excellence. You can be sure that target audience will recognize your brand by the marketing emails shoot to them. We make sure to keep you recognizable with our strategic take on your marketing and communication.

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We deliver multi-device compatible designs

Based on your target audience, geo-specific markets, marketing campaigns and purpose, our team of graphic designers, HTML coders and quality testing professionals delivers the end-product. We work on the final delivery according to your feedback on multiple mockups that you receive. Another highlight of our email marketing design service is to make sure that the templates look great across all devices.

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