2021 SEO Trends: How to Rank Your Pages Higher in Mobile Searches

Mobile devices no more belong to an elite niche in 2021. Almost every end-user possess a smartphone today and make their search queries through the same. So, it is high time that you must learn how to rank higher on Google and reach the end-users through a mobile-optimized site.

You must have noticed that the market out there has experienced a significant paradigm shift over time. And importantly, consumer behaviour has changed with eventual inflictions. Today most of the search queries and purchase decisions are made on mobile devices. Hence, to reach and tap the right audience, it is urgently needed for any business to so mobile keyword research and make their site mobile optimized.

The mobile optimization of a business website depends on a lot of SEO ranking factors. Google has introduced a significant mobile-friendly ranking algorithm, which facilitates crawling and fetch mobile-friendly pages in search results. And for mobile-friendly pages, it is crucial to implement the right mobile-friendly keywords, so that the Google crawl spiders can crawl the pages and fetch results in SERP. The faster the search engine crawls a page; the more is the chance that its website will be responsive with a super-rapid loading speed.

In this article, we will have a comprehensive and insightful discussion about how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches.

Always Enable Voice Search for Your Site

A mobile device or smartphone is a portable, pocket-sized device used on the go. Often, circumstances may lead to opt for voice search, instead of typing inputs. It is essential to rank your website on top of search results through voice search. The fundamental difference between ‘run of the mill’ SEO strategies and optimization for voice search, is the use of more natural phrasing. Compressed phrasings work fine for typed inputs, but for voice search, the phrases need to be more generic and natural.

Applying long-tail keywords can also be useful and helpful, to optimize your website with mobile voice search. Long-tail keyword phrases happen to be a little uncommon, and thus, less explored amongst the audience, but bears a high search volume among its niche. So, while discussing how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches, the usage of long-tail keywords are indeed essential and deserve a special mention.

Make Sure to Optimize the Speed

As said earlier, most of the searches are made on a mobile device nowadays. And nobody wants to stay on a website that takes too much time to load. On average, if a site takes more than 1.5 seconds to load, the chances are high that the visitors skip away and search for other options. This increases the bounce rate and can be fatal for any business. Apart from decreasing the rank, it also loses your potential buyers. Therefore, while talking about the strategies of how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches, the role of loading speed cannot be ignored under any circumstance.

Always Ensure that Your Site is Responsive 

A responsive site is the call of the day while discussing how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches. Whenever you are planning to create a mobile-friendly business website, you need to be sure that it remains responsive to all leading browsers. Also, the site should be compatible with all operating systems across various leading smartphones. Mobile users always look for quick solutions. And a responsive site can always get you the desired traffic, and bring in footfall to your website, leading to successful conversions and quality leads.

Make Good Use of Artificial Intelligence

To mark your site with a distinctive futuristic ring, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something you cannot deny. With the help of the Rank Brain system, Google uses AI extensively. With the help of capable bots, it continuously improves the Google Search Results. Also, it finds pattern and concepts vastly with millions and millions of pages to render the best possible result as per the search query placed.

Therefore, to gain the leverage out of such an algorithm of Google, it is mandatory to enable and optimize your site with Artificial Intelligence. To stay ahead in the competitive business scenario out there, this is an essential strategy of how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches.

Always Improve the Mobile Pages

In recent times, the search engine algorithm went through certain changes. Google now ranks the pages on a mobile phone, on the basis of their versions. Therefore updating the versions of the mobile pages is another way, which explains how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches. Even if your site works fantastic on a laptop or desktop, if you don’t update and improve the mobile pages, it will be sluggish and sloth on mobile devices. Also, it will affect drastically ranking.

Here you will need to work on, how the site is performing on different screens of mobiles. You should always make sure that all the mobile pages are easy to navigate for the uses, and they are having a smooth browsing experience while doing so. Researches reveal that a potential buyer tends to leave a site if they face any sort of glitch for more than 3 seconds. And chances are sporadic that the particular buyer will return again to your site. To sustain in the long run, you cannot let your buyers go like this. After all, a buyer lost equals a permanent loss. And thus, improving the mobile pages and upgrading them to make them user-friendly is essential to its core.

 Always Concentrate on Personalized Results

Google’s algorithm collects information on the basis of the user’s search pattern. And on the basis of that, it fetches more focused, accurate, and personalized results. And as the consumers, especially the mobile users are very much impatient about the information they are looking for, a personalized result can easily let you leverage our benefits.

Apparently, this may appear to be a little difficult, but it is never impossible for sure. By providing clear and transparent information about your business, you can let your business site appear on the answer boxes. Google renders result o the basis of the user’s location and also on the search history & trends of the user concerned. Therefore once you opt for this method, you don’t need to wonder about how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches. You can summarize each of your pages with distinctive headings and briefings. This helps Google to parse and index the page information and feature it on the top of the search results. Tapping your target niche and pooling in traffic can be executed in a whiff just by concentrating on the personalized results.

Connect to Social Media Channels and Extend Your SEO Strategy

Today, social media is a place where engagement persists to a huge and humongous extent. And needless to mention, every smartphone user, have the application Facebook installed on their phone. Therefore, having a presence in social media is, again, an essential criterion for your business to thrive. Moreover, connecting your social media presence with the main business site can again let you share your posts and campaigns. More the number of shares more is the amount of traffic you generate through the social media channels.

Eventually, it starts creating engagement in your site. So, even if it is not a direct ranking factor, it can influence to rank of your business indirectly on mobile searches. And thus, before you ask about how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches, a social media presence itself constitutes an answer. When considering SEO, social media channels cannot be ignored. Also, it comes with the added advantage of interacting with your consumers.

Heard About Blockchains? Let’s have a Look! 

Is it the first time that you heard this term? Well, there might be several others too just like you. But to understand how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches, it is important indeed to know what Blockchains are and how it affects the SEO.

A Blockchain is a list of records that is impossible to change or modify after the fact. Everything that remains recorded in a Blockchain stays forever. And using blockchain can affect SEO. Although blockchain leads to improved verified data, it prevents the site from getting away with the artificial improvement of ranks by automated clicks.

Therefore, to rank high on mobile searches, it is the need of the hour that you should start learning about blockchains. Deep knowledge about it can only facilitate you to understand the loopholes and prevent them accordingly. Also, it is suggested to get in touch with a credible and acclaimed SEO expert and take the needful consultations before proceeding with blockchains.

Improve the Technical SEO at the Earliest 

Talking about how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches, the role of technical SEO is hard to overlook. And again, it is often perceived that SEO is the sole concern of the content creators and marketers. However, to make your site technically compatible, you need to improve the technical SEO of the site too.

Earlier in this article, we have already discussed two major components of technical SEO: The speed of the page, and the mobile-friendliness of the site. But apart from that, there lies some important and essential component too. And here we will discuss some of those additional yet essential components which need to be taken care.

1) The Structure of the Site: Designing the structure of the site and its pages is an important criterion that needs to be taken care. You need to remember that the Google crawl spiders can crawl and index the pages only if it is designed as compatible with the corresponding algorithm. It is always advised to consult a credible web designing company to get the site designed properly.

2) Rich Snippet Features: Rich snippets facilitate adding extra information to your pages. As per Google’s algorithm, the pages with rich snippet features appear to be more apt and appropriate. And thus, Google can crawl them easily and show them relevant in search results. This increases the chance to get a better rank.

3) Plagiarized Content: Stolen or duplicate content is a strict no for ranking purposes. Google can easily identify if the contents are duplicated, stolen from another site, or used elsewhere previously. And in terms of SEO, this is a crime and a black hat practice. Google heavily penalizes the sites with plagiarized content. Therefore, it is always advised to get fresh and unique SEO friendly content for your site. Any renowned SEO agency bears a good content team who can facilitate procuring fresh content for you.

And keeping these three factors in mind, you can always look forward to improving the technical SEO of your website, and let it get featured on mobile searches. Technical SEO is one of the chief backbones that helps to rank a site. So to rank high on mobile searches, it indeed plays a pivotal role.

Always Add Optimized Videos

The concept of SEO isn’t limited to texts only. So, while we are discussing how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches, we should also highlight the fact of using SEO optimized video on the site. Videos are always lucrative in the eyes of visitors. And obviously, it creates engagement amongst the audience and generates purchase impulse among the potential buyers & end-users.

As per the search engine algorithm, it keeps an eye on the quality of the content in your video, and the amount of time, your audience sticks to it. On the basis of that, it calculates the relevance and provides the ranking. So to get ranked high, you need to focus on the content of the video and make it engaging enough to let the visitors watch till the end.

The Summary

To summarize the entire discussion proceeded till now about how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches, the following pointers can provide an overview:

  • Always Enable Voice Search for Your Site
  • Make Sure to Optimize the Speed
  • Always Ensure that Your Site is Responsive
  • Make Good Use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Always Improve the Mobile Pages
  • Always Concentrate on Personalized Results
  • Connect to Social Media Channels and Extend Your SEO Strategy
  • Be Careful About Blockchains
  • Improve the Technical SEO at the Earliest
  • Always Add Optimized Videos

 And thus following these tips and strategies, you can eventually make way to a better future, and gift your business venture a better tomorrow. In the competitive scenario out there, every other organization is burning the midnight oil to stay ahead in the rat race. So you cannot afford to lag behind and stay reluctant about reaching out the target audience on the move. 

The Conclusion 

The discussion proceeded so far provides a complete three-sixty degree outlook on how to rank higher on Google in mobile searches. Follow the tips carefully, and re-read the article if needed. Remember always, that in the era of the smartphone, it is not smart enough to lag behind. So don’t let your venture end up in an effort in futility. Rather, extend your reach to the audience on the smartphone and bring in traffic to your site. Perhaps, that’s the best way to grow consistently and sustain in the long run, staying ahead of competitors.

Go mobile today.

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